Terms & Conditions

The objective of this webpage is to regulate the rules of use and to guard the protection of the users. The terms and condition detailed here are applicable and appropriate to the individuals or entities that access this website for any use.

The terms and conditions specified here is the latest updated version of these Rules of Use. The individual must be aware of the importance of reading these rules each time, visits www.sixthstarinn.com. The user must read and accept these terms and conditions before accessing or using of certain services of Sixth Star Inn.

1. Online pre-reservation and reservation services

Pre-Reservation Services

This service is carried out to provide the relevant information and consultancy about the room availability and other services in the hotel. The user will get an email within 24 hours of booking which stands as a confirmation of the accepted reservation by our members and as an authority of user subsequent payment.

The user must check the Reservation confirmation and notify Sixth Star Inn at once and in writing of any error.

Online Reservation Services

  1. Contract Procedure: Whenever a user makes use of the service, the service will be intimated with an email including all the purchase details with the information that the purchase order is in the process of being confirmed. If he/she is a consumer, and the reservation is been processed he/she will receive an email confirming the reservation, which will act as proof of the reservation.
  2. Guarantee: The reservation is guaranteed all night long with a credit card and if the client fails to show up without prior notice, he/she will be charged for the day one night (VAT and taxes included).
  3. Termination of Agreement or Cancellation of a Reservation: The client will not be charged any further payment at the time of cancellation unless it is done before the estimated time of the arrival day. Once the threshold time has been passed, we will charge a cancellation fee as compensation as included earlier.
  4. Cancellation charges for hotel: If the cancellation is done before 48 hours of the arrival date there won’t be any charge concerned with the cancellation. If the service is cancelled within 48 hours then 50% of the total cost will be charged. In case if the individual doesn’t show up without any prior information then the hotel may charge 100% of the total cost of your stay.

2. Child Policies

The Child Policies in our hotels are subject to the hotel facilities and determined by the hotel management. Children up to 5 Years of age can stay free and charges may be applicable for children between 5 to 12 years. Children who age 13 or 13 above will be charged with the adult rate.

3. Protection of users' personal data

Since the transactions are done through online, the personal information is secured by our hotel management. It may be necessary to share the personal information with our third parties for any transactions and the sole purpose of this sharing these entities is the correct rendering of the services offered by Sixth Star Inn. Users making available their personal data have the right to access the file for rectification at all times.

Furthermore, Sixth Star guarantees the confidentiality of Personal Data, although it may disclose to its third parties via its systems and is required by the applicable legal regulations in each case. Users of www.sixthstarinn.com guarantee and are responsible, in all cases, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity, and authenticity of the Personal Data made available and undertake to keep them confidential. Also, strictly no information is collected from any minors and the services are not applicable to them.

4. Right to change the general terms and conditions

We reserve all rights to change the terms and conditions at any instance without any prior notice and if needed the users will be intimated through a company mail.

5. Guarantee and liability disclaimer

Sixth Star does not guarantee any service continuity i.e. it doesn’t guarantee for any availability or reliability of the services and disclaims all liability for any damages or losses of any type due to any lack. Nevertheless, and to the extent that this is possible, it will endeavour to make technical assistance available to the individual. Also, Sixth Star Inn hotel will seek to resolve the interruption may avail alternative measures at the disposition of the user.

6. Acceptance of rules of use

The user must be aware of the fact that the use of these pre-reservation and reservation services specifies full acceptance of each and every one of the provisions of the Rules of Use of www.sixthstarinn.com. With that, the user must be aware of the importance of reading the Web Site's rules prior to accessing it or making use of the services.

7. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subjected in accordance with the law legitimates. If any disputes arise against any the service we agree to abide lawfully once the problem is thoroughly analysed.

This contract constitutes the total and complete agreement between Sixth Star Inn, the users and other previous pacts, undertakings, statements, and agreements, whether written or oral, that may have existed previously between both parties.

Note: As per hotel policies, check-in denied for unmarried/unrelated couples and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.