Welcome to SixthStar Inn


Sixth star inn focuses on providing deliberate service to its customers since days through its standard and simple management. Our Hotel in Uthamapalayam is exemplary for its environment and amenities fitted to it. we always care for your comfort and needs and provide the best for you at a very reasonable cost. we assure to make your vacation the best with our availability and arrangements.

Some of the key features we avail for each customer is given as follows,

1. All the rooms come with clean linen with the pleasant atmosphere.

2. Servings as you prefer.

3. Avails immediate health and safety measures.

4. Best and standard amenities fitted inside.

5. Quality service with affordable prices.

With all that, we have gained many customer's satisfaction who appreciated our service and felt contented.Also, we are in the process to advance the amenity and present the best for our customer's.